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Be awed and amazed by the beauty of the Blue cave while exploring it as part of Ilirio's Three Caves Tour.


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Visit to the Blue cave? It's all about the journey, not so about the destination. That's where we are going. Find out why Ilirio's Three Caves Tour is in such high demand. Starting from Hvar, Split, Brac, Makarska
Blue Cave


Is the Blue cave open for visitors today? How to get there? For how long you will wait in a queue just to enter the cave? Did you know that time spent inside the Blue cave is limited by the concessionaire to 5 min?


Do not hope to reach a destination without leaving the shore ,,, Find more information about starting destinations: Split, Hvar, Makarska, Brac as well as about visited destinations enjoying the Three Caves Tour
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Exploring gorgeous hidden coves, caves and natural beaches, or wasting time at overcrowded locations frequented by unimaginative tour operators?

Even we, the employees of Ilirio's Hvar Tours, would not want to suffer negative experiences on an excursion, but rather expect good service which we paid for. The biggest issue with our competition is the fact that they all leave at the same time and the trips all follow the same itinerary ... Imagine it being just like when you enter the bus back home, all the people starting on the same stop at the same time, they get on the bus and it all happens again at every stop.
Can excursions towards the islands of Vis and Bisevo be tricky, and what's the best way to avoid traps and pitfalls that often ensnare the unwary?

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Find out weather the Blue cave is open for visits today at all, and check the forecast to know if it will be open in the following two days.

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Blue cave - the queen of Croatian caves?
Of course, but...

You've heard about the Blue cave and you are planning a visit to the cave for the first time?
The last thing you want is for your visit to be disappointing.
We recommend that you inform yourself because everything you find out about the Blue cave will surely help you with the planning of your trip and visit to the Blue cave.
Find out more about the most frequent Blue cave tourist traps, why it is forbidden to swim in the cave, where the cave is located, how to reach it, how much travelling time you are in for, what is the price of the ticket and which rulest to mind? Is it really necessary to wait in a long line to visit the Blue cave and is it open at all?
Answers to these and numerous other questions regarding the most beautiful cave in the Adriatic can be found in the following article:

Blue cave - everything you need to know


Find out more about the destinations from which the Three Caves Tour starts and also about the ones that the tour visits.

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